iCafeSystem - Software Billing Warnet Mac OSX

iCafeSystem - Software Billing Warnet Mac OSX

iCafeSystem - Software Billing Warnet Mac OSX

Billing Warnet yang berjalan di sistem operasi Windows sudah hal yang biasa, tapi bagaimana dengan mereka yang menggunakan produk Apple untuk komputer kliennya yaitu iMac.

Apa nama software internet cafe (billing warnet) yang digunakan? Adakah software billing warnet Mac OSX gratis? 

Pertanyaan diatas itu tentunya ada dipikiran Anda 'kan. Sama seperti saya juga.

Bagi Anda yang sudah pernah ke warnet atau Internet Cafe di luar negeri, misalnya Australia, Singapura atau yang lain. Pernah mendapati warnet yang komputer kliennya menggunakan iMac 'kan?

iCafeSystem adalah salah satu pilihan terbaik jika Anda mencari software Internet Cafe atau billing warnet yang dapat jalan di sistem operasi Mac OSX.

iCafeSystem - Software Billing Warnet Mac OSX

Apakah iCafeSystem ini gratis atau berbayar?

Iya. Bagi kamu yang ingin mencobanya, tersedia versi demo yang dapat kita download secara gratis.

iCafeSystem - Software Billing Warnet Mac OSX

  • iCafeServer is the central application that is asked by each
  • iCafeClient what to do and what not to do. It is able to control 128
  • iCafeClients. It communicates with the clients through IP / UDP
  • datagrams. iCafeServer is available in at least 4 Client version and
  • iCafeServer SingleUser ( standalone system with payment device )
The iCafeServer now supports "cashstrings". Cashstrings are a replacement for real money. On the server side exists a list with codes. Theese codes represent an amount of cash. You can sell theese codes and the user can type it in at the iCafeClient.


iCafeClient is a gatekeeper for the surfstation. It has a small WebKit based browser and a Quicktime Viewer included. Additional to the internal services you can add your own services and select the application to do the job. Communication between the iCafeClient and iCafeServer can be scrambled for security.

iCafeClient can replace the finder and will automatic be restarted in case of a fault. It can clear and restore any data a user has changed in its user folders since the iCafeClient startup. iCafeClient logs out and restores the userdate in case of inactivity.

For configured active services as "Safari" the iCafeClient shows the remaining time in the menubar.

iCafeClient is able to run and maintain several services in parallel. For example a user can start Safari and a game at the same time. 
The most costly service will be billed.

Jika ingin menggunakan iCafeSystem Server dan Client, Anda dapat download versi demo atau trial-nya disini sebelum melakukan order.

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